Mission Community



Mission Community Blessing Prayer

This prayer has been written for our mission community so that we can pray it together, both when gathered and when scattered throughout the week. It can be said alone or with others, in church or at home. The hope is that as many people pray it as often as possible, seeking God together for the sake of our mission community, its churches and the people we serve. As we pray for God to move in this place, may we truly see his kingdom come and his will be done.

Lord God, holy and good, 
we praise You for Your creation 
and for Your transforming and recreating work in Your world.  
All things begin with You and all things will end with You. 
In the name of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ:
Have mercy on our neighbourhoods and parishes.
Bless our communities to know and love You.
Bless Your people to desire and serve You.
May our city know prosperity and peace.
May Your Church flourish in unity and love.
Bring the knowledge of salvation to all peoples
and cause rivers of healing and mercy to flow.
Use our hands to bless Your world,
And stir our hearts with Your compassion,
For the sake of Your love and the glory of Your name.

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