Joseph Vallett

25th August 1898 – 7th November 1918

Joseph was born on 25th August 1898, he was baptised on the 19th October 1898 at St Michael’s Church Flixton.

His parents were Charles born 1859 in Preston, he was an Iron Planer and Ellen Collier born in 1868 in Manchester, she was a Cotton Winder.

Charles died in 1920 and Ellen in 1948. They are buried in St Michael’s Churchyard, Flixton.

Joseph had 2 siblings:

  • William 1893 -1916
    Marjorie Manners 1913 -1991

In 1901 the family were living at 33 Balfour Road by 1911 they had emigrated to Canada and were living in Amherst Nova Scotia.

His parents and sister did returned to England.

Joseph enlisted in Halifax Canada in 1916. He was in the 25th Canadian Battalion 93rd Cumberland Regiment Overseas Experditionary Force service number 488284.

He was Killed in Action at Elouges on 7th November 1918.

He is buried in Elouges  Cemetery, Belgium.

Joseph is remembered on his family headstone and at Elouges Communal Cemetery.

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