Silver Award

This week we were awarded the Silver Eco Church Award .

We are delighted to announce that just before Christmas we were awarded Silver Eco Award . So many people have worked towards this at home and in the church community. Research and coordination of our heating project has resulted in us halving our carbon generation, our parish energy buying is a green supplier. Our finance team enabled our banking to be Ethical with the Coop Our grounds continue to be cared for with native plants, fruit trees and vegetables with a small team, donations of plants, our children’s and uniformed groups helping with bug hotels and bird feeding. A congregation member took part in a climate consultation with Trafford ,we have have links with our church school Eco team . All of this has been alongside worship hymns and prayer in services , shared on line, in newsletters and in family eco activity days. A particular thanks for the 'fiddly recycling' when we keep items separate at our after church tea / biscuit times and after functions and then take it home to our own bins., for the car sharing, candle recycling, walking and cycling and all each of you do in your own way to care for God’s World and help nature to re build for the climate for generations to come.
Thank you to all the Eco Team at the The Diocese of Manchester , our Area Dean Nick Watson, PCC, sides people, tea rota, grounds team, worship preparation and leading and individuals/ families at home. Every small action/prayer builds into a real team effort.
We now pray that we can grow on our efforts in all areas to continue to do all we can to care for God's world and the future of the climate.

Creator God , who made our beautiful world,
Appointed us as its guardians and gifted us with everything we need, forgive us for the times we cause it harm; for the times our way of life affects our neighbours.
Inspire us to care for the environment; to help rebuild lives and communities; to share in the griefs and anxieties, joys and hopes of all your people, so that all your creation may flourish.
Stephen Davies / CAFOD

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